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Family Golf Week Tournaments Host Courses Tee Gift Package Reviews From Fans
July 19-22, 2017 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Overall Champions

National Gross - Bryan & Bryce Kendrick

National Net - Chad & Chase Clayton


Senior Gross - Don & Troy Fitzgerald

Senior Net - Alan & Alex Oglesbee

Super Senior Gross - Fred & Steve Comings

Super Senior Net - Three Way Tie

Bryan & Jeff Jacobs - Larry & Paul Terry - Joel & Michael Velasco

Flight Winners

1st Gross - Bryce & Bryce Kendrick
2nd Gross - Gary & Justin Miliner
3rd Gross - Don & Troy Fitzgerald

1st Net - Chad & Chase Clayton
2nd Net - Jeffery & Taylor Bibbs
3rd Net - John & Jeremy Grab

1st Gross - Marty & Dustin James
2nd Gross - Tom Lucas & Adam Garner
3rd Gross - Marty & Alec Mortimore

1st Net - Mark & Garrett Marschke
2nd Net - Daniel & Bradley Hughes
3rd Net - Mark & Brad Cullen

1st Gross - Steve & Boomer Whipple
2nd Gross- Richard & Steve Boyd
3rd Gross - Jay & Brian Wodarski

1st Net - John & Bryan Smith
2nd Net - Ed & Jimmy Threatt
3rd Net - Jeff Gillum & Matt Fleming

1st Gross - Timothy Dreier & Cory Pattison
2nd Gross- Gary & Chad Yeatts
3rd Gross - Thomas & Brian Pedtke

1st Net - Robert & Kevin Larson
2nd Net - Stephen & Stephen Mayoryk
3rd Net - Ed & EJ Saridaki

1st Gross -Joel & Michael Velasco
2nd Gross- Les & Keith Ruppel
3rd Gross - David & Saen David League

1st Net - Larry & Paul Terry
2nd Net -Ted & Kent Steier
3rd Net - Gary & Tracy Schaal

1st Gross - Charles & Chad Pullins
2nd Gross- Pepper & Chuck Martin
3rd Gross - JW & John Crofts

1st Net - Frank & Brian Wood
2nd Net - Bruce & Elliot Dewey
3rd Net - Boyd & Lance Sockwell

1st Gross - Thomas & Austin Smothers
2nd Gross - Mike & Sean Wiley
3rd Gross - Ronald & Joason Moye

1st Net - Baylor Strawhorn
2nd Net - John Stevenson & Wil Keyser
3rd Net - Michael & Chase Mortenson

1st Gross - Brett & Nathan King
2nd Gross - Ted & Phil Amico
3rd Gross - Matthew & Matthew Flannigan Jr.

1st Net - David & David Weeks Jr.
2nd Net - Phillip & Brian Fisher
3rd Net - Brian & Timothy Wolfinger

1st Gross - Robert & Jimmy Johnson
2nd Gross - Frank & Zachary Dreier
3rd Gross - John & Johnny Shonk

1st Net - John & Jay Passmore
2nd Net - Tony Liberoni & Matt Bezanis
3rd Net - Rod & Bret Shaw

1st Gross - Thad & Chet Dilday
2nd Gross- Michael & Christopher Casey
3rd Gross - Chris & Sean Denman

1st Net - Rich Roediger & Blake Jacobs
2nd Net - Bruce Herring & Jonathan Fussell
3rd Net - Pyungsak & Tommy Sangchompuphen

1st Gross - Melvin & David Walczak
2nd Gross- Gary & Kyle Janik
3rd Gross - Ron & Eric Hinson

1st Net - Mark & John Sari
2nd Net - Craig & Jordan Pannett
3rd Net - Ron & Chris Belleville

1st Gross - Alan & Alex Oglesbee
2nd Gross- Les & Nick Jacobi
3rd Gross - Terry & Terry Eggleston

1st Net - Jim & Cory Durall
2nd Net - Fred & Steve Comings
3rd Net - Ernest & Evan Paushter

1st Gross - Bryan & Jeff Jacobs
2nd Gross- Terry & Peter Prahl
3rd Gross - Mark & Sam Hayes

1st Net - Charlie & Toby Polhamus
2nd Net - Richard & Shawn Bennett
3rd Net - Bob & Grayson West

1st Gross - Bill & Chris Layle
2nd Gross- Mark & Brian Davoust
3rd Gross - Rich & Rich
Kulaszewski Jr.

1st Net - Edward & Jack Hinson
2nd Net - Richard & Alex Grimes
3rd Net - David & Huw Gilbert

1st Gross - Kevin & Craig Hassett
2nd Gross- Tony & Matt Parson
3rd Gross - David & Brian Cionek

1st Net - Michael & MIchael Harris Jr.
2nd Net - Gary & Scott Friend
3rd Net -Michael & Archie Oestreich

1st Gross - Robert Powell & David Charmak
2nd Gross - Elvin & Ryan Hedgepeth
3rd Gross - Christy & Joe Rodri

1st Net - David & David Page Jr.
2nd Net - Keith & Kyle Jaworski
3rd Net - Dean & Dean JKelliher Jr.

1st Gross - Frank & David Roberts
2nd Gross - Howard Edmiston & Jacob Dempster
3rd Gross - Kirk & Jordan Atkinson

1st Net - Tomy & thomas High
2nd Net - Bil McCaskill & Kurt Van Cleave
3rd Net -Bill & Jason Taylor

1st Gross - Chris & Clay Quinn
2nd Gross - Tom & Jeff Malin
3rd Gross -Ross & Connor McCaskill

1st Net - Thomas & Matt Gifford
2nd Net - Rudolph & Brian Outland
3rd Net - Woody & Max Wasserman



Father/Daughter and Mother/Daughter

Tournament InformationFriends of the ClassicMedia Resources

The concept of a Father and Son golf tournament is ultimately based on the principle that golf, unlike other sports, is a game that can be shared by generations and is not restricted to a particular age or skill level. It is also believed that just as a father would pass down his legacy and wisdom, he would introduce and share the game of golf with his children. In fact, the PGA TOUR believes in this tradition so much that they have incorporated a golf competition of this type where their champions partner with their own sons to compete.

The PNC Father and Son Golf Challenge is held in December each year and aired on NBC TV. Perhaps you watched the year that Jack Nicklaus and his son, Gary, won. Or maybe even the years before when Steve and Sam Elkington, Stewart and Reagan Cink, or Nick and Matthew Faldo became Father and Son champions. Did you happen to watch fifteen to twenty years ago when winners of this golf tournament included Fuzzy and Gretchen Zoeller, Lanny and Tucker Wadkins, Lee and Daniel Trevino, Vijay and Qass Singh, and Curtis and Tom Strange?

Is it too farfetched to consider that you, too, can have that same experience with your father or son (minus the national television coverage, of course)? Consider this...a golf holiday to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; three days of golf competition; a gripping bond created with your father or son through a golf tournament; deluxe accommodations that are adjacent to golf courses and along the Atlantic Ocean; outstanding dining and entertainment during the event and throughout the Myrtle Beach area.

For as long as the PGA TOUR has hosted the PNC Father and Son Golf Challenge, father and son teams have planned their golf travel for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to participate in the annual Father and Son Team Classic. This three-day event is played on a carefully elected group of golf courses along the infamous Grand Strand in South Carolina and the two-person teams are not restricted to those who are a father and son. We recognize the true essence of relationships developed at all levels of emotional bonds. Therefore, the Father and Son Team Classic is open to grandfathers and grandsons, uncles and nephews, stepfathers and stepsons, mentors and mentees, etc.

The Father and Son Team Classic is truly a family oriented event and one that participants try not to miss. Our previous competitors have become brothers, cousins, uncles, nephews, grandfathers, grandsons and friends. In July of each year, participants know it's time to head to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the annual family reunion. There is only one difference though...this is a family reunion they want to go to.

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